Libby's outdoor Maintenance


Step 3: Premium lawn food (June/July)

This application gives your lawn a mid-season boost. It feeds and strengthens the lawn against heat and drought. Nitrogen is supplied in two ways: an immediate-release for fast green up and slow release nitrogen for extended feeding and long-lasting vitality. This application also provides phosphorus to promote root growth and formulation.

Step 4: Fertilization and weed control (July/August)

Fall is a fabulous time to promote root growth. This application greens up the lawn and helps strengthen and protect it for a better lawn next spring. We will also control any other broad leaf weeds that may pop up.

Step 1: Fertilization with crab grass control (April/May)

​ When temperatures are warm enough, we will apply step 1 of our fertilizer program. This prevents crabgrass before it can germinate. It also feeds to green up a winter-weary lawn, too. 

Spot Treatment-

If you have a problem area that you want treated, we can do this throughout the year. We will continue to monitor your yard and get ahead of any problem that may arise. 

Commercial and Residential Fertilizer and Weed Control

Step 5: Winter fertilizer (August-November)

   Fall fertilization prepares your lawn for winter survival by promoting disease resistance, food storage and strong root growth. This is one of the most critical times of the year for lawns which are about to become dormant for the winter period. Plus fall fertilization helps get your lawn off to a quicker start in the spring.

Lawn Care




Snow Removal

Step 2: Fertilization and weed control (May/June)

​ This step helps to control dandelions in the yard as well as nourish grassy plants. It also builds thick, green turf from the roots up.​