Commercial and Residential Lawn Maintenance

Core Aeration

​Core Aeration is a process that perforates the soil with small holes that allow air, water, and fertilizer to get closer to the roots. This enables the roots to grow deeper, producing a healthier lawn. Combined with our 5 application fertilizer system, this is a great addition. This process is typically performed in the fall.

Libby's outdoor Maintenance



​Dethatching is the process of removing this layer of thatch from your lawn. By removing the thatch, it enables the grass roots to grow deeper, resulting in a greener, thicker, more beautiful lawn! Dethatching should be done once per season.

Fall Clean Up

​Completed when weather permits. Typically between October 20th and November 15th
Removal of all leaves on the lawn as well as all beds/patios/driveway areas they may gather.
Cut back of perennials if requested.
A second partial clean up can be requested if needed only if weather allows.

> Weekly Lawn Mowing/Trimming 
> Spring and Fall Cleanup
> Dethatching
> Fertilization
> Weed Control
> Tree and Shrub Trimming
> Sidewalk and Curb Edging
> Core Aeration
> Bed Weed Control

Spring Clean Up

This will be done as weather permits. Will be done before May 1st.​
​Dethathching will be performed with spring clean up. 
All leaves in yard and other gathered areas will be removed and disposed of unless requested otherwise.​