Libby's Outdoor Maintenance

One Time Pickup: This option is great if you have a special occasion. Are you having a graduation party in your yard? Let us help. $35.00 for a one time visit. Each additional dog is $5.00.

What is your responsibility?

* Yards must be easily accessible.

* Lawns must be cut on a regular basis, without large amounts of leaves or debris. We can only pick up what we see.

* Gates should be free of snow, ice, locks (unless key or combination was supplied). If we can not enter through the gate, we will return the following week. You will be charged for a service visit.

* Aggressive dogs must be left indoors on the scheduled service day(s). We will ring your bell and ask you to bring the dogs inside. If you are not home and your dogs are out, you will be charged for a service visit.

* 2 day notice required for vacation service suspension or cancellations.

If yard hasn’t been cleaned in last 30 days by us there’s a first time clean up charge of $35.00.

Lots larger than 3/4 acre are subject to additional charges.

*New customers with recurring service receive priority in scheduling.

We Clean 12 Months a Year!

All work is 100% guaranteed 

Pet Waste Removal

Weekly Services: Weekly services are great to ensure that your yard is clean all year round. $12.00/week. Each additional dog is $3.00. 

Bi-Weekly Services:$15.00 per visit for the first dog, each additional dog is $3.00.

Snow Policy:

We do work all Winter. BUT, If there is a snow fall accumulation of 1″ the afternoon or day before, we will come back the following week. In certain areas there might be snow drifts caused by wind. If heavy snow occurs, we might be forced to postpone your service until the following week. We will continue to pick up your dog’s waste on top of snow to prevent accumulation.

Take back your free time, let us worry about the mess.

​Summer is a great time to spend outdoors. Gradation parties, outdoor wedding and bonfires are just a few of the activities that take place outdoors. Nobody wants to worry about stepping in "landmines." We offer many commercial and residential services to fit your needs. Weekly, bi- weekly and monthly are just a few. 

​​Putt the Poop

Once A Month Service:$25.00 per month. Each additional dog is $3.00.


Commercial Services: Price depends on size of the area, and the number of visits.

Spring/Fall Cleanup: Spring and fall are the perfect time to clean you yard up and prepare for the season to come. $50.00 for the first dog, each additional dog is $10.00

What we offer:

+ Dog Friendly, trained, detailed oriented service techs.
+ Bonded with workmen’s compensation, liability and auto insurance.

+ NO contracts. Start and stop your service at anytime.
+ Professionally managed.

+ A perfectly clean yard each time.

+ Affordable pricing.

+ Care and convenience.